Sunday, 15 April 2018

Important Guidelines To Use Stereoscopic Microscope

Stereoscopic Microscope is an optical measuring instrument that works at a low magnification with a usage of two separate optical paths. It is also well known as a dissecting microscope, which magnifies 45 times better than any other optical microscope. Based in Mumbai, India Tools & Instruments Co. are the trustworthy Stereoscopic Microscope Manufacturers in India that believes in supplying you several types of laboratory instruments as per your demands. Below are some useful tips to use Stereoscopic Microscope step-by-step.

  • Place the microscope on the Flat surface or the sturdy tabletop, as it will offer you a plenty of space to work.
  • Then plug-in the power cord of a microscope into the valve in such a way so that no one can trip over the wire and get injured.
  •  Switched on the source of light to view the microscope slide and any other transparent article in the best way.
  • Make sure that you put the specimen in the center position of the stage plate.
  •  After it, adjust the eyepieces effectively so that you can check the specimen on the microscope without giving much strain to your eyes.
  •  Turn the rotating objective turret of the microscope and define the magnification level of the eyepiece lens to see the marking on the object with clarity.
  • Move the focus knob gently to view the specimen and turn it again to focus on the object sharply.
  • When you are finished with using the microscope, then you can off the switch, move the sample, remove the power cord from the plug, and cover it for the next use.
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