Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Know A Bit More About Clinometer

A clinometer is a measuring instrument that is used for so many years in different professions for different applications. In other words, it is also named as Inclinometer and the main reason to use this instrument is its accuracy in measuring slope, height and distance. From Meteorology, Forestry to Surveying, this instrument has its presences in different areas. It is a very useful instrument because one can measure the incline as well as decline with only this one instrument. Clinometer Manufacturers offer this instrument in different specifications to meet different needs.

They are not only used to measure the height and distance, but also to measure the angels because they relate to a slope. Its design gets improved now because of the use of new technology. Most of its designs come today with the electric sensor, which improves the working of the Clinometer. It is very easy to use, you just need to pick a spot, measure angle to measure the height and distance. There are some more steps includes in its working that you need to learn to get the exact and accurate measurements. The design of this Clinometer is very portable and handy, which means you can easily carry it in your hand or take it anywhere with no loads.

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Thursday, 21 September 2017

Why Is India Tools & Instruments Co. The Best Place To Buy Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge?

Ultrasonic thickness gauge is mostly used to perform the nondestructive test that measures the thickness of a material. It is a reliable device that is best known for its accurate result delivery. It tests the thickness through sound radiation, as the transducer passes through the sound waves that help in measuring the thickness. India Tools & Instruments Co. is the prominent manufacturer of precision tools and is leading the market from past many years. We are best-known Thickness Gauge Manufacturers that believe in customer satisfaction, as we always deliver quality-tested tools that provide you the best results.
Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

The devices we serve are made up of finest material that offers you a long-term durability. The features of ultrasonic thickness gauges are that it is a portable handheld device that can be used at any location. It has the ability to test the material without cutting or damaging it, hence best for sample testing. This device has many advance benefits such as it does not require the testing from both the sides, as it is capable to deliver the best result by testing the single side only. It is an industrial product so; we have made it according to the industrial preferences.

You can use this device to test the surface of Metal, Glass, and Steel etc. Being the foremost Roughness Tester Manufacturers, we are offering a comprehensive range of products that can fit according to your requirements. We are hitting the market competition by providing the advanced quality products at an economical price.  To book your product or for further queries, you can call us.

Friday, 25 August 2017

Basics Details You Need To Know About Hardness Tester

Hardness Testing is important to test the hardness of the metal or any other material. The hardness of any particular material is measured by measuring the depth by different methods or instruments. Hardness Tester comes in use at the time of such testing as it is designed for fulfilling such purpose. The instrument is very easy to operate and used in a number of industries and applications to test the hardness of the material. Also, it is an inexpensive option that allowed you test the hardness of different materials and generate results faster than before. Hardness Tester Manufacturers offers the instrument at the most reasonable price.

Rockwell Hardness Tester Manufacturers The product will generate quick and accurate results in no time and helps to inspect the hardness of the material, which further helps in controlling the quality. The hardness of any material totally depends on the combination of its tensile strength and elasticity. The easy operation of the instrument makes it an ideal choice and therefore, you should use it for controlling the quality of the material. The type of material you want to test and expected hardness will help you select the right hardness testing method and type of instrument that delivers you expected results in no time.

The instrument is easily available in different types for testing different materials. India Tools & Instruments Co. serves you all its types in different specifications, being the most determined Rockwell Hardness Tester Manufacturers based in India. Our complete range is cost-effective and gives you the full value of money. You should try the instrument to make a control over the quality of the material. Place your order now via phone or email.

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Why Is It Important To Have A Hardness Tester For Quality Control?

Portable Hardness Tester
There is no secret in the fact that working with metal require special attention as you have to be double sure about its quality before using it in any of your application. If you are a contractor or supplier of metal or metal-based product, so, you should invest in the hardness tester. The instrument is very much important to measure the quality of the metal, which helps in overall quality management. The accurate measurement it provides helps you make your decision whether the metal is able to withstand your application requirement or not. To buy the instrument you can contact Hardness Tester Manufacturers.

Make sure the instrument you buy is of advanced technology, come with a digital screen and in a portable design, so, you can take it anywhere you want. If your hardness tester provides you all above features, so, stop thinking and grab it immediately. The instrument is highly popular because of its metal measuring nature that further helps in keeping a strict eye on the quality. Also, it reduces the risk of inferior goods and ensures reliable performance for long. It has the capability to measure soft to hard every object. If you actually want to reap its benefit, so, you should never go for a cheap product or else they give inaccurate results.

The best solution to the problem is consulting the most reputed Portable Hardness Tester Manufacturers that guarantee you the quality of the instrument. India Tools & Instruments Co. is the name no one can beat in this array. Give us a call or write down a mail with all your requirements in detail. For the satisfaction and fulfillment of our customer demand, we are always ready. What else are you waiting for? Call us now. 

Monday, 1 May 2017

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge – A Handy Solution To Test The Tensile Strength Of Different Materials

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
Thickness gauges are used throughout the industries for measuring the quality and tensile strength of the materials using the non destructive technologies. India Tools & Instruments Co. is the name you need to remember when we are talking about precision measuring tools and instruments as being the most efficient Thickness Gauge Manufacturers in India and across the various other global market areas. Since 1975, we are known for offering products made with most advanced technologies and heavy base raw materials. The products we manufacture are known for delivering best results through innovating technologies.

Though thickness gauges are available in the wide range, Ultrasonic is the highly advanced technology used in most industries for its non destructive nature and reliable results. Since the technique is found, the popularity has become to be a trend for this instrument. We are manufacturing the widest range of the products among which ultrasonic thickness gauge is used extensively for its basic features like testing of samples from only one side for the best results. This saves time and accuracy of its result is comparatively high.

We are the highly demanded Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Manufacturers in the global market areas for providing best results in the array. We offer quality verified products that are passed through various strict parameters. Since the formation, we are delivering the best results for making best impact in the market. Call us now to place your orders for the products you wish to buy or leave your enquiries to know more about the wide range of the products. We are ready to dispatch the huge bulks of the products, hurry up to grab yours soon!

Friday, 31 March 2017

Things To Consider While Buying The Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge For Your Industry

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
Taking measurement of capabilities in the account before the applications is important to drive the better results and reduce the risk. We at India Tools & Instruments Co., serving the demanding range of the products as being the Thickness Gauge Manufacturers in India and the global market areas, since 1975. We are known for creating and engineering solutions that are suitable for most industrial applications.

Factors That Influence The Choice Of Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge:-

  • Material – The type of the material and range of the thickness of the material being measured play an important role while selecting a device. Some of the materials like ceramics, metals and glasses are efficient at transmitting the ultrasound and can be measured across different thickness range.
  • Thickness – The thickness of the material is also an influencing factor at the time of selecting the type of the gauge. The curvature of the surface effects the results and the efficiency between the surface and the device starts reducing as the curvature of the surface starts to thicken.
  • Accuracy - After the two above-mentioned factors, another factor that should be considered is the results. After all, this is the foremost thing for what we are conducting this test. As the device is reliable and ideal for most applications, it gives accurate results throughout various applications.

We are approachable Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Manufacturers based in Mumbai, India who are delivering the agile solutions for the world connecting with the latest technologies. We are ready to dispatch for the national and overseas orders. Call us now to place your order for any product in bulks or leave your enquiries on the go to get them delivered shortly. 

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Range Of Thickness Gauge Offered By India Tools & Instruments Co.

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
The precision measuring products has created their special place in the industries, as they are utterly important while determining the thickness or various other properties of any material. For the purpose, Thickness Gauge is used widely in multiple applications to determine the physical strength of the material whether it is ferrous or non-ferrous. India Tools & Instruments Co. is the well-reputed and widely known Thickness Gauge Manufacturers in the global market area. Manufactured with the highly advanced technologies and high-grade raw material, the device is classified into two categories – Coating Thickness Gauge and Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge.

Two Types Of Thickness Gauge Manufactured At India Tools & Instruments Co.

  • Coating Thickness Gauge – The device is used for thickness testing the dry paint coating. It is widely used in automotive industries to determine the value of pre-owned cars or to detect the dents and damages underneath the paint coating. Measuring the thickness of the coating also reveals the areas that need to be repainted.
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge – The device uses ultrasonic waves to determine the thickness of the material with the non-destructive techniques. Regardless of size, weight and shape of the sample, it provides accurate results each time. It determines the thickness of the material based on the velocity of the sound through the material being tested.

We are the most industrious Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Manufacturers that has a wide range of the precision measuring products for different applications in the industries. All the products are made with the high quality raw materials and most advanced technologies to ensure result driven application of the product. The results are shown digitally for ease and simple reading of the numbers. Call us today to place your order or leave your enquiry now.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

What Is A Hardness Tester?

A hardness tester is a type of precision measuring instrument that is used to measure the hardness of the material. Hardness is a quality of a material, not a physical property. A well-designed hardness tester is very much helpful in measuring the hardness of material like metal. This is because; its hardness is depending upon its composition and state. One of the common metals for which this instrument is used is steel because it’s a mixture of different elements and the time of its separation, this instrument helps to determine how much the steel has started to separate.

Hardness Tester Manufacturers offer different of its types in a number of specifications, in an order to meet every industry need. Their applications are not limited in measuring the metal hardness, but these are also used to grade materials. This is probably known for its accurate results and this is the reason behind its wide usage in a number of applications. Their design is damage resistance and requires minimal maintenance. You can use it to measure the hardness of a material from any angle upside down or vice versa. These are proven to provide easy measurements on large and heavy work pieces.

If you are involved in any application, where you need to test the hardness of a material, so, this instrument is perfect for you. You can buy it from India Tools & Instruments Co. at an affordable rate. Being the legendary Portable Hardness Tester Manufacturers, we have a wide range of precision measuring instruments to offer. So, why are you waiting and what for? Mail your requirements now.

Friday, 27 January 2017

What Are The Benefits Of Using Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge?

An Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge is used to measure the thickness of the material. The test conducted to evaluate the properties of the sample or the component doesn’t cause any damage to it. In other words, the device is used to conduct a thickness test on any material without causing any destruction to the material. India Tools & Instruments Co. is the most prominent Thickness Gauge Manufacturers in the global market area which are serving, since 1975. With the vast experience in the field, we are manufacturing best quality precision measurement devices for the industries engaged in various products and services.

Benefits Of Using Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge:

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Manufacturers
No Destruction: The device uses ultrasonic waves to conduct the testing and the technique is used widely in various industries for its non-destructive nature. In other words, the technique doesn’t involve any damage to the material.

Better Results: The technique of testing the thickness of the sample is fast, accurate, reliable and versatile. It integrates thickness as well as physical properties with high frequency sound waves.

Doesn’t Require Testing From Both Sides: The results we get from testing the material from one side are reliable and accurate. You can depend on one time results and you don’t need to measure the results from the other side.

We are the most trusted Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Manufacturers. We are offering a huge range of products including Harness Testing Equipment, Roughness Tester, Thickness Gauge, Scientific Apparatus, Hardness Tester, Infrared Thermometer, Vibration Tester, etc. You can choose the product you need as per the requirement of your industry. You can leave an enquiry or make a call to place your order or to know more about the products.